find here: print version of the program

Thursday 3rd of April
19:00 or later. Get together at Opens external link in new windowRestaurant tanivera (Weinhofberg 7)

Friday 4th of April

Ulm University, Opens external link in new windowLife Science Building N27 (Anfahrt; how to get there)
9:00 Welcome and opening remarks by Paul Walther

9:15 Roger Wepf (ETH Zürich): “Scanning Electron Microscopy conquers Full Field Illumination EM (TEM)”

10:00 Christel Genoud (FMI Basel):“Microtome serial block-face scanning electron microscopy to explore the three dimensional ultrastructure at large scale.”

10:45 coffee break

11:15 Manfred Rohde (Helmholtz Zentrum Braunschweig): “The’In’ and ‘Out’ of streptococci as visualized by field emission scanning electron microscopy (FESEM)”

12:00 Lunch
13:00 coffee, time for individual discussion and poster exhibition

14.00 Michaela Wilsch-Bräuninger, MPI Dresden "Identifying neural progenitors by  serial block face SEM"
14:15 Ben Lich, FEI Eindhoven „Multi energy deconvolution SEM compared with TEM TOMO“
14.30 Wiebke Möbius MPI Göttingen “Volume imaging of frozen hydrated samples by cryo FIB-SEM”
14.45 Peter Gnauck Zeiss Oberkochen „ Helium Ion Microscopy for bio imaging“
15.00 coffee break / posters
15.30 Kent McDonald Univ. of Califorina, Berkeley "A rapid method for Lowicryl HM20 embedding"
15.45 Julia König, TU Dresden Tomography of cytokinesis in C. elegans
16.00 Sharon Wolf, Weizmann Institute "Cryo-STEM tomography of intact frozen hydrated cells"
16.15 Ben Giepmans, University of Groningen "STEM of large specimens at macromolecular resolution“
16.30 Paul Walther, Ulm University "Three-dimensional imaging of high-pressure frozen samples with FIB/SEM and STEM tomography"
16:45 PANOS meeting: Announcement of the spring meeting 2015, other topics
17:00 End of meeting

find here: print version of the program

Thank you

The meeting is over now. Thanks to all participants, to the speakers and to all the people working in the background who made this meeting a great success.


A list of Hotels in Ulm can be found here. For people using public transportation, we recommend to book a Hotel in the city center, that is in walking distance to the main station. E. g. Opens external link in new windowIbisUlm, Opens external link in new windowIbis budget Ulm, Opens external link in new windowIntercityHotelUlm, Opens external link in new windowStern, Opens external link in new windowHotel Bäumle, Opens external link in new windowdas Schiefe Haus and many others. From there it is easy to get to the PANOS meeting: Walk to main station or "Theater" and take Bus 3 direction "Wissenschaftsstadt" or "Science Park" and leave at "Botanischer Garten". There you walk back 50m and you are in front of the "live science building" N27.