PhD Positions Winter Term 2017/2018

The International Graduate School in Molecular Medicine Ulm funded by the Excellence Initiative of the German Federal and State Governments kindly invites applications from highly qualified and motivated individuals for

7 PhD scholarships of the International Graduate School in Moleculat Medicien in Cooperation with the Medical Faculty of Ulm University



GPR17+NG2-glia in health and disease                                               Leda Dimou


Role of Mll5 in mouse models of leukemogenesis                               Hans Jörg Fehling


Mutant phospholipase C-g2 and Alzheimer's disease                       Peter Gierschik 


Innate immunity and novel inhibitors against Zika virus                  Jan Münch


Genetic shifts implicated in brain growth                                           Melanie Philipp


Senescent cell removal by immune cells rejuvenates  organs         Karin Scharffetter- Kochanek        


Exosomes in pancreatic cancer evolution and metastasis                Thomas Seufferlein, Tim Eiseler




and 3 PhD studentships by our researchers


Complement system and intervertebral disc degeneration               Rolf Brenner


Role of NG2-glia in traumatic brain injury                                            Leda Dimou


DNA damage response in lymphocyte development                           Kerstin Felgentreff


to commence in Fall 2017. Successful candidates will perform their PhD projects partly in Ulm and partly in our partner institutions.

PhD students funded by the Gradaute School will receive a tax free scholarship (1400 € per month)

PhD sudents funded by our three members will receive afellowship, corresponding to a TV-L 13 65% position, for 3 years (Brenner project will be funded at the beginning with TV-L 13 50% - therefore a few month longer)

The deadline for application is September 7, 2017. Apply here

Further information about the application procedure and regulations can be found here.

Short listed candidates will be invited for an oral presentation and interviews to Ulm in late October 2017.

For further information abour the Graduate School and the PhD Programme in Molecular Medicine please contact Prof. Dr. Michael Kühl or PD Dr. Dieter Brockmann