Visit of our new Guest Scientist Prof. Vanesa Gottifredi from Buenos Aires

Ulm University

Prof. Gottifredi will visit Ulm from November 1-13

In cooperation with Prof. Dr. Lisa Wiesmüller (Division of Gyneacological Oncology, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology) the Graduate School gladly announces the visit of our new Guest Scientist Vanesa Gottifredi, head of the Cell Cycle and Genomic Stability Laboratory in Fundación Instituto Leloir, Argentina.

She will come to Ulm from November 1st till 13th and give two talks:

Talk for the Graduate School: "Is the fidelity of DNA replication a fact or a myth?" + Ask the Professor on November 2nd 3:00 pm in M24, HS 10.  

Talk for the Faculty: "Multiple contributions of homologous recombination factors to the replication of UV damaged DNA"  on November 3rd 5:00 pm at M24, HS 10.  

As mentioned above you have the chance for a "Ask-The-Professor" after the first talk where you can ask Prof. Gottifredi about everything that interestes you about her work, her institute or research in Agentina.

In addition Prof. Gottifredi offers everybody the opportunity of an appointment with her to for further discussions.

Of course our students can as well attend the talk for the faculty and vice versa.

We mostly encourage you to attend her talks. Please feel free to pass this information to every interested party.