Research Training Groups

From the beginning of their PhD studies, doctoral students are organized and trained in smaller, thematically focused Research Training Groups in order to concentrate on specific research areas in Molecular Medicine. These Research Training Groups, based on the scientific topics particular to Ulm University, are defined by the Board of the Graduate School and implemented at the International Graduate School in Molecular Medicine Ulm. For each of now existing seven Research Training Groups, one or two persons are responsible for organizing retreats, seminars and activities within their respective Training Group. The Research Training Groups are:

1. Development and Regeneration

2. Oncology

3. Aging

4. Neurobiology

5. Host-Microbe Interaction

6. Trauma Research

7. Pulmosens

Graduates are actively integrated into the international scientific community. For instance, each year the Graduate School organizes two international meetings where students deliver poster presentations and talks while at the same time having the opportunity to seek advice for their work from professional international scientists. We also hold scientific retreats that are organized either by the students themselves or by principle investigators of IGradU where graduates can exchange ideas among themselves and with senior scientists within a relaxed atmosphere. Furthermore, our PhD students have the chance to attend meetings and conferences abroad with the financial support of travel grants from the Graduate School.

In order to prepare our doctoral candidates for the job market, we offer a large number of key competence seminars in such subjects as project management, bioethics, presentation skills and so on. In addition, we regularly organize career workshops and excursions to pharmaceutical companies.