Principal investigator

Prof. Dr. med. Christian Beltinger
Department of Pediatrics
University of Ulm
Eythstraße 24
89075 Ulm
Phone: 0731-500-57032

Curriculum Vitae


We have first-time preliminary evidence that attenuated vaccination measles virus of the Edmonston strain (MV-Edm) can selectively kill pediatric ALL cells in vitro and in vivo. We now want to investigate in detail the efficacy of plain MV-Edm and of MV-Edm protected in leukemia-searching human endothelial progenitor cells against primary pediatric ALL xenotransplanted into mice that are naive to or have been passively immunized against measles. This proof-of-principle study, combined with an analysis of the selectivity of MV-Edm, may provide the basis for a novel treatment strategy against ALL.


Attenuated oncolytic measles virus against ALL of childhood: preclinical proof-of-principle and molecular mechanisms


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