About Us

'Division I – Legal and Organisational Affairs, Marketing' provides services concerning the external presentation and communication at Ulm University and offers advice in legal matters. It also provides services in the context of technology transfer and regarding organisational questions.


  • technology transfer

    Here you may find information regarding start-ups and invention and patents.

  • data protection

    Comments, documents and contacts for any question concerning protection, sharing and deleting personal data here. (internal use only)

  • research contracts

    Support for preparing and legal wording in contracts concerning third-party funded research.

  • property damage

    We deal with claims for property damage, if they were caused in an work-related context. (internal use only)

  • official bulletin

    Here you may find the Official Bulletin (statutes and regulations) and circulation of Ulm University. (internal use only)

  • advertising media

    This is where you find an overview of our central advertising media as well as audio-visual media and the area Web / Social media (in German only).

  • Loan service for fair & exhibition equipment

    Do you represent at fairs? We offer a loan service for fair & exhibition equipment. Go to the loan service web page to see what equipment is available and fill in the loan form (in German only)

  • Uni-Shop

    Go to the Uni Shop web page for an overview of the products offered and special sales deals.

  • Membership card - ID chip card

    Members of the University can apply for a membership card in the form of a chip card.

  • PhD scholarships

    Information about LGFG Scholarships as well as various thematic scholarships granted through Ulm University.


Membership card

We advise you to extend your membership card regularly (see the expiry date printed on the front of the card) to make sure that software updates and new functions are installed on your card.  You can extend your card yourself at the self-service terminals located at: Eingang Süd (southern entrance), Eingang Nord (northern entrance) and at the main entrance of the library building. Malfunctions are indicated by respective error codes.