Research contracts

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Do you have questions regarding contract terms or the interpretation of certain clauses? Do you think your inventive accomplishment has potential for commercialisation through licensing?

We support you from the draft to the finalisation of any patent licence and know-how contracts. We work closely with our technical supervisor, Martin Schulz, and the staff of Dezernat (division) IV to provide you with the best possible economic understanding and know-how.

Are you preparing a research project? Have you secured third-party funds to realise a promising idea? Are you planning an interesting and auspicious research collaboration?

We support you right from the beginning to make your plans happen, regardless if it’s an order coming from the industry or a cooperation with industrial and/or academic partners. We conduct legal assessments and negotiations and draft contractual documents in close consultation with you. This preparatory stage is an important part of your research endeavours: after all, you don’t want to sell your results at less than fair value or inopportunely limit your own scientific potential. Also, your candidates for doctoral or PhD degrees or post-doctoral teaching qualifications need to be able to publish their work without delay and in line with academic standards. This can become particularly challenging in the context of contract research and requires adequate contractual arrangements.