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Group news

April 21th, 2016:
The SALVE Board meeting took place in Heidelberg at CEOS, organized by Dr. Burkard Jahnen from the German Research Society (DFG). The DFG is the funding organization of the SALVE project together with the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts Baden-Wuerttemberg. Participants were the SALVE team, the chancellor of Ulm University and the SALVE advisory board.  Ute Kaiser, head of the SALVE project reported that the specification were reached with the outstanding instrument. Sub-Angstroem at 40kV! 15 times the wavelength!  A new resolution record. The microscope surpassed by about 30% all required specification. Our group is eager to perform exciting experiments with our new instrument, which is the FEI Titan Themis-based low-voltage machine with the low-voltage CEOS Cc/Cs-corrector.  Impression from the SALVE board meeting.

April 13th, 2016:
We have to say good bye to Dr. Ute Golla-Schindler, our scientific co-worker for more than 7 years. She worked with us and shared with us the enthusiasm on the SALVE project in particular on improving the spectroscopy mode of the SALVE II instrument (Libra-platform with in-column filter technology) and on understanding radiation damage. In the last three years she focused her research on battery materials mostly using advanced SEM/FIB- but also TEM (in-situ) technologies.  We are greatly thankful for being with us and sharing ideas and visions and we wish her all the best for her future. Surely, we will miss her fantastic positive personality in our daily work, however we will further continue to work with her in her new position.  She organized a trip to the ‘Tiefer Stollen’ in Aalen and afterwards she invited us to her home for the final far-well party. An impression from our visit to the Tiefer Stollen in Aalen.

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