FIB-structuring of an colloidal lithographic produced "antidot array", for magnetoresistance measurements to local study the remagnetization. The interferences in the overview (left) were used to choose regions with a homogeneous distribution of the holes. Service for Prof. Ziemann (Department of Solid State Physics)

Interface investigations of 2H-AlN grown 6H-SiC substrate. (left) Overview image (right) HRTEM image showing the atomic double-layer structure (dumbbells) of 2H-AlN and 6H-SiC , cooperation with Prof. Scholz (Inst. of Optoelectronics)

TEM investigation of nanodiamonds originating from meteroids. (left) Bright-field overview image (center) Dark-field image (right) HRTEM image showing the crystal structure of small diamonds, cooperation with Prof. Jelezko (Inst. of. Experimental Quantum Optics)

TEM investigation of the growth of ZnO on a-plane sapphire (Al2O3). Selected area electron diffraction of ZnO layer and Al2O3 substrates reveals the crystal orientation relationship. Aberration corrected HRTEM reaveals the structure of the interface, cooperation with Prof. Thonke (Inst. of Semiconductor Physics / Quantum Matter)

HAADF-STEM on Au particles in mesoporous TiO2 on Si substrate for - Size determination, cooperation PD Bansmann / Prof. Behm (Inst. of Surface Chemistry and Catalysis)

Bright-field (BF) TEM, energy filtered (EF) TEM, and aberration corrected HRTEM on TiNiAl-alloy, cooperation with Prof. C. Krill (Inst. of Micro and Nanomaterials)

HAADF-STEM tomography of polysterene spheres covered with silica particles (sample on carbon grid), cooperation with Prof. U. Ziener (Inst. of Organic Chemistry III)