Please note that the WebVPN portal has limited functionality and therefore should only be used in exceptional cases.

Instructions on how to use SSL VPN are available here.

Log on: WebVPN

A kiz basic account is required to use the gateway. Your browser must be configured to accept cookies and JavaScript must be activated. After logging on and then entering a Web address (URL) in the address window, an icon toolbar will appear in the top right-hand corner of your browser:

 Icon functions:

  This icon moves the icon toolbar to the other side of the browser window. This may come in handy if the icon toolbar is blocking page content.

  Enter the desired Web address (URL) in the dialog box. This is the direct way to access a site through WebVPN; a short cut compared to using the address window of your browser, where you must modify a URL in order to route it through the VPN gateway.

  Here you can return to the kiz VPN gateway start page.

  It is important to log out when you have finished your remote access session. Be sure to log out correctly to prevent other people from gaining access to your account, especially if you are using a public computer. The connection will automatically shut down after a period of inactivity.

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