Ulm University: Research

Research Focus

Scientists at Ulm University carry out research on an international level in order to find answers to the big scientific questions and to tackle global challenges.

Our research focus is:

Trauma Research

Understanding, treating and preventing physical and psychological traumata – this lies at the heart of transdisciplinary trauma  research in Ulm.

Medical Trauma Research


Ageing research and age related diseases

Research focuses on the molecular mechanisms in degenerative aging processes, and also on the emergence of ‘age-related’ diseases.

Quantum Science and Technology

The world of elementary particles - 

Frontier Research in Quantum Science

Energy Conversion and Storage

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Cognitive Systems and Human Computer Interaction

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Risk Management and Ensurance

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Research Nuggets

Haematology and Oncology

New insights into the molecular properties of tumours pave the way for individualised therapies.

AIDS Research

Molecular Virology
focusing on the causative agent of AIDS

Autonomous Driving

Interdisciplinary research on tomorrow's smart car


Scientists investigating single molecules in living cells aim to reveal the principles of how our genomes are structured.

Early Career Researchers

Doctoral Research Training Programmes

International Graduate School in Molecular Medicine

GRK 1789: CEMMA "Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms in Aging"

Cooperative Doctoral Research Training Group "Pharmaceutical Biotechnology"

Emmy Noether Junior Research Groups

Overview of the Emmy Noether Junior Research Groups

Heisenberg Programme

Dr. Mizuki Takenaka | Institute of Molecular Botanics
"Analysis of RNA editing trans-factors in plant mitochondria"

Dr.Yevgeny Kazakov | Institute of Artificial Intelligence
"Logical Methods for Ontology Engineering"

PD Dr. Mirijam Knörnschild | Institute of Evolutionary Ecology and Conservation Genomics
"Communication and Cognition in Bats"

Prof. Dr. Lars Bullinger | Department of Internal Medicine III
"Integrative genomics and epigenomics analyses in acute myeloid leukemia (AML)"



Further Junior Research Groups

Max Eder Junior Research Group of the German Cancer Aid - Florian Kuchenbauer | Department of Internal Medicine III