The ORE Winners of this year's live competition were: 
OWL DL Classification: WSClassifier, OWL EL Classification: ELK.
For the offline competition:
OWL DL Classification: HermiT, OWL DL Consistency: Konclude, OWL DL Satisfiability: Konclude;
OWL EL Classification: ELK, OWL EL Consistency: ELK, OWL EL Satisfiability:Chainsaw;
OWL RL Classification: TReasoner, OWL RL Consistency: Konclude, OWL RL Satisfiability: MORe. MORe also won the Best Newcomer Award. 
Full details are available from the Opens external link in new windowORE website.

This year, the Opens internal link in current windowDistinguished Student Paper Award goes to the paper "Temporal Query Answering in DL-Lite" by Stefan Borgwardt, Marcel Lippmann and Veronika Thost.

Opens internal link in current windowThe informal proceedings of the workshop are now available from Opens external link in new and as a Initiates file downloadzipped file for offline reading. 

Opens internal link in current windowThe Initiates file downloadprogram for DL 2013 is now available. The Initiates file downloadprint template also includes some information about the venue, guided tour and the social dinner. 

Opens internal link in current windowStudent grants have been announced. 

Opens internal link in current windowRegistration is now open!

Abstract and paper submission deadlines have been extended by one week!

As in previous years, the DL Workshop will consider to select one or more Distinguished Student Papers among the accepted submissions that are authored without the direct participation of senior researchers. [Opens internal link in current windowmore]

Opens external link in new windowMichel DumontierOpens external link in new windowGiuseppe De Giacomo, and Opens external link in new windowIan Pratt-Hartmann will give invited talks at DL 2013. 

The second Opens external link in new windowOWL Reasoner Evaluation Workshop (ORE) will take place July 22nd in Ulm, Germany.

Opens external link in new windowRR 2013 will take place in Mannheim, which is 1:40 min by train from Ulm, directly subsequent to the DL workshop (July 27th - 29th)! Followed by the Opens external link in new window9th Reasoning Web Summer School (July 30th - Aug 2nd) also in Mannheim. 

DL 2013 will take place from July 23rd to 26th in Ulm, Germany.

We thank our sponsors:


International Workshop on Description Logics

The DL workshop is the major annual event of the description logic research community. It is the forum at which those interested in description logics, both from academia and industry, meet to discuss ideas, share information and compare experiences.

DL 2013 will take place in Ulm, Germany, from July 23rd to 26th, 2013.

Workshop Scope

We invite contributions on all aspects of description logics, such as:

  • foundations of description logics, including expressive power, decidability and complexity of reasoning, novel inference problems, and reasoning techniques for solving these problems;
  • extensions of description logics, including, but not limited to, closed-world and nonmonotonic reasoning, defaults, epistemic reasoning, temporal and spatial reasoning, procedural knowledge, and query languages;
  • integration of description logics with other formalisms, such as object-oriented representation languages, database query languages, constraint-based programming, logic programming, and rule-based systems;
  • use of description logics in applications or areas such as ontology engineering, ontology languages, databases, semi-structured data, document management, natural language, learning, planning, semantic web, and grid computing;
  • building systems based on description logics, with special emphasis on optimization and implementation techniques; and
  • tools that exploit description logic reasoning, such as ontology editors, database schema design, query optimization, and data integration tools.

Session Recordings