Semiconductor and Nanomaterials

The focus of this cluster is on new kinds of materials for nano-, micro- and semiconductor technology and structuring techniques for electronic, optoelectronic, micro-mechanic, micro-thermal and micro-fluid components.

Especially in the field of information and communications technology, the gap between research and application is bridged by projects including circuit design using innovative semiconductor components and fibre optic data transmission with surface-emitting lasers. Within the scope of industrial collaboration, high-efficiency light sources for the future (e.g. solid state lighting) are being developed.

Another of Ulm’s unique features is the Microelectronics Technology Centre, in which several interdisciplinary institutes perform collaborative research on micromaterials and their applications in components for optics, sensors and microelectronics. With more than 500 square metres of cleanroom space and equipment with an investment volume of over €10 million, the Microelectronics Technical Centre provides ideal conditions for expertise and infrastructure.