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Member of the adesso Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. Manfred Reichert has become a member of the newly founded scientific advisory board of the adesso AG -- a leading German IT service provider with more than 1600 employees. The advisory board shall foster the knowledge transfer between research and practice. It comprises managers of the adesso AG as well as six professors of renowned German universities. The overal goal is to foster the exchange of expertises on current scientific and technological trends. Members of the advisory board... [more]

DBIS Teaching Modules in Summer Term 2016

For summer term 2016, the Institute of Databases and Information Systems (DBIS) again offers a diverse set of teaching modules. As a student, you may find the modules' overview at the dedicated teaching website for the ongoing summer term. You may also visit our generic teaching overview to have a look at all modules offered by DBIS across the terms. Regarding bachelor studies, DBIS supports the important basic education through offering the mandatory modules Information Systems (for... [more]

International Workshop on Process Engineering at the BPM 2016 Conference

Together with his colleague Mathias Weske from the Hassno Plattner Institute, Manfred Reichert will co-organize the 2nd International Workshop on Process Engineering (IWPE 2016). The IWPE 2016 workshop is a satellite workshop organized in the context of the BPM 2016 conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, at 19 September 2016. About the IWPE 2016 workshop: The 2nd International Workshop on Process Engineering aims at bringing together researchers and practitioners interested in the... [more]

Area Editors for the Information Systems Journal

Both DBIS professors---Manfred Reichert and Martin Theobald---have become area editors for Information Systems, which is a leading international journal publishing articles on the design and implementation of languages, data models, process models, algorithms, software and hardware for information systems. While Manfred contributes with his expertise on business process management and process science, Martin covers the areas of database management systems and data science. The area editorships... [more]

DBIS Receives a Microsoft Azure Research Grant

Prof. Reichert and M.Sc. Kevin Andrews from the DBIS institute successfully secured a Microsoft Azure research grant. Azure is a cloud computing platform offered by Microsoft comprising a multitude of services. The research grant gives us free access to many of the services and tools offered on Azure. These include virtual machines, hosted SQL and NoSQL databases and even large compute-clusters that can help solve complex problems quickly. The grant and the included services allow us to take... [more]


Untersuchung des Nutzerverhaltens eines Digital Signage Screens zur Bewertung der Screenaufteilung von Digital Signage Inhalten

BA Abschlussvortrag, Helga Lösch, Ort: O27/5202, Datum: 04.05.2016, Zeit: 10:00 Uhr [more]

Context-aware Process Management for the Software Engineering Domain

Verteidigung der Dissertation, Gregor Grambow, Ort: H9, Datum: 13.05.2016, Zeit: 10:00 Uhr [more]

20th IEEE Int'l Enterprise Distributed Objects Conference (EDOC 2016)

International conference hosted by the Research Group Workflow Systems and Technology, University of Vienna; Universit [more]

14th Int'l Conference on Business Process Management (BPM 2016)

International conference hosted by UNIRIO; UNIRIO, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, September 18-22, 2016 [more]