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DBIS Teaching Modules in Summer Term 2015

For summer term 2015, the Institute of Databases and Information Systems (DBIS) again offers a diverse set of teaching modules to the students. As a student, you may find the modules' overview at the dedicated teaching website for the ongoing summer term. You may also visit our generic teaching overview to have a look at all modules (incl. their schedules) offered by DBIS across the terms. Regarding bachelor studies, DBIS supports the important students' basic education through offering the... [more]

New BMWi project developing a flexible real estate process platform

As of January 2015, the casavi project started at the Institute of Databases and Information Systems. The project strives for the development of a flexible real estate process and service platform, and is funded by the EXIST program of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi) – EXIST aims at improving the entrepreneurial environment at research organizations and at increasing the number of technology and knowledge based business start-ups. The EXIST scholarship holders David Langer,... [more]

New Professor at the Institute of Databases and Information Systems

Since 1 February 2015 Prof. Dr. Martin Theobald has been the new full professor (W3) and co-director of the Institute of Databases and Information Systems (DBIS), Ulm University. Martin will take over database research and teaching at the DBIS institute, with a special focus on "Data Science". Martin Theobald received a doctoral degree from Saarland University in 2006 and spent two years as a Post-Doc at the Stanford Infolab, USA. Subsequently, he worked as a Senior Researcher at the... [more]

Colloquium Presentation at the University of Nurnberg-Erlangen

Manfred Reichert was invited colloquium speaker at the Technical Faculty of the Friedrich-Alexander University Nurnberg-Erlangen. In his presentation he addressed the fundamental challenges that need to be addressed in order to enable a flexible operational support of business processes in process-aware information systems. Furthermore, he presented selected concepts, technologies and tools developed in his research projects and tackling the aforementioned challenges. Prof. Dr. Manfred... [more]

PC Co-Chair of EMISA 2015

Jens Kolb is Program Co-Chair of the 6th International Workshop on Enterprise Modelling and Information Systems Architectures (EMISA’15), which will be held in Innsbruck, Austria from September 3-4, 2015. He will share this task with Henrik Leopold and Jan Mendling (both from the Vienna University of Economics and Business). EMISA 2015 is the sixth international workshop in a series that provides a key forum for researchers and practitioners in the fields of enterprise modeling and the... [more]


Process-Aware Questionnaires: Enabling Experts Creating Mobile Questionnaires

PhD Seminar, Johannes Schobel, Ort: O27/5202, Datum: 13.03.2015, Zeit: 10:30 Uhr [more]

EDV-Assistenz auf Schritt, Tritt und Trage: Nachhaltige Verbesserung von Patientenbehandlungsprozessen durch den Einsatz flexibler und mobiler Informationstechnologien

Eingeladener Vortrag auf dem Process Day zum Thema „Prozessmanagement im Gesundheitswesen“; Manfred Reichert, Donau-U [more]