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Digital Alloy Adviser – An Innovative Software Developed by DBIS and Wieland

AlloyWizard – that is the name of a joint development of the Institute of Databases and Information Systems and Wieland-Werke AG. AlloyWizard is an innovative software that enables an easy comparison of different copper alloys and that supports customers in the selection of suitable materials. In the Rolled Products Division, the initator of the project, the idea was born to provide customers with a programme enabling them to select a suitable mechanical condition for the application from... [more]

Invitation to the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems

Manfred Reichert has accepted an invitation to the editorial board of the International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems (IJCIS). He will contribute his technological expertise as Associate Editor to this reknowned journal. The current impact factor is 1.43. The International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems addresses the intricacies of cooperative work in the framework of distributed interoperable information systems. It provides a forum for the presentation and... [more]

Full Professor Position (W3) on Databases and Information Systems

Due to the planned retirement of Prof. Dr. Peter Dadam in September this year, there will be a change in the administration of the Institute of Databases and Information Systems (DBIS) as well. As announced in the DBIS end-of-year review 2013, Prof. Dr. Manfred Reichert will succeed as the institute’s director and thereby ensure the important business continuity. Consequently, the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science, Ulm University is now advertising the second tenured DBIS... [more]

Keynote by Manfred Reichert at the Modellierung 2014 Conference

Manfred Reichert was invited keynote speaker of the International Workshop on Modeling Inter-Organizational Processes, which was held in conjunction with the Modellierung 2014 conference at the University of Vienna from March 19-21, 2014. In his keynote entitled "The Challenges of Modeling and Evolving Cross-Organizational Processes", Manfred discussed the technological challenges arising for the modeling and evolution of cross-organizational business processes. Furthermore, he... [more]

Pupils do BOGY internship at DBIS

What is the daily business of computer scientists and what is their area of activity? Which industries actually need graduates of this occupation and what are the qualifications a student need to show for an employment? How do the studies of computer science at Ulm University look like? In the scope of a one-week BOGY internship, three pupils – Katrin, Sven and Ludwig - went further into those and a lot of other interesting questions. During their internship, they had been supervised by ... [more]


A Process Engine Independent Architecture Enabling Robust Execution of Mobile Tasks in Business Processes

MA Abschlussvortrag, Steffen Musiol, Ort: O27/545, Datum: 24.04.2014, Zeit: 14:30 Uhr [more]

A Decade of Research on a Next Generation Process Management Technology: Challenges, Projects, Achievements

Invited Talk at the University of Freiburg; Manfred Reichert, Freiburg, Germany, May 19, 2014, 10:00 am [more]

2nd International Workshop on Variability Support in Information Systems

Int'l workshop in the scope of the 26th Int'l Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering (CAiSE'14); Thess [more]

18th Int'l IEEE Enterprise Distributed Object Computing Conference (EDOC 2014)

International conference hosted by the Institute of Databases and Information Systems; Ulm University, Ulm, September [more]

1st International Workshop on Compliance, Evolution and Security in Cross-Organizational Processes

Int'l workshop in the scope of the 18th Int'l IEEE Enterprise Distributed Object Computing Conference (EDOC 2014); Ulm [more]

7th International Workshop on Process-oriented Information Systems in Healthcare

Int'l workshop in the scope of the 12th Int’l Conference on Business Process Management (BPM 2014); Haifa, Israel, Sep [more]

Here, There and Everywhere – Towards Healthcare Process Support in a Complex and Mobile World

Invited Keynote at the IEEE International Conference on Healthcare Informatics 2014 (ICHI 2014); Manfred Reichert, Ver [more]