2017-06-01 We welcome our new staff members Markus Miller and Jan-Patrick Scholz.

2017-05-09 The Annual Report 2016 of the Institute is now online.

2017-04-27 Once again schoolgirls visited our Institute on this year's Girls'Day to gain insight into current research topics. [Video]

2017-03-31 We say goodbye to our colleague Markus Daubenschüz.

2017-03-28 Successful Ph.D. defense of Robert Leute.

2017-02-02 We welcome our new visiting scientist Dr. Markéta Zíková (Czech Academy of Science) who will be working with the GaN Group until August 2017.

2017-01-09 We welcome our new staff member Vignesh Devaki Murugesan.

2016-11-11 Jakob Hirlinger-Alexander received the VDE Award for his outstanding Bachelor thesis in the High-Power Laser Group.

2016-10-11 While working in the cleanroom, some of our Ph.D. students are displayed on the cover photo of the Annual Report 2015 of Ulm University.

2016-10-10 We welcome our new staff members Irene Lamparter and Jassim Bin Shahbaz.

2016-10-05 New visitor record at "Highlights der Physik" in Ulm to which the VCSEL Group contributed with a well-received exhibition booth.

2016-09-06 The University Magazine reports on the floating VCSEL booth at the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting.

2016-07-05 Successful Ph.D. defense of Tobias Meisch

2016-05-31 In May 2016, the DFG has granted a new graduate school "Micro- and Nano-Scaled Sensoring for the lung", in which several institutes of the faculties Medicine, Natural Science, and Engineering, Computer Science and Psychology of Ulm University will cooperate. The Institute of Optoelectronics will contribute with studies about gas sensing by optical read-out on the basis of GaN hetero structures.  [press release]



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