Andreas Steigmiller

I studied Computer Science at the University of Ulm and received a master degree in 2011. Before that, I studied Computer Engineering (bachelor) at the Opens external link in new windowHochschule Ulm. My specialisation and current research interest is pattern recognition and, especially, intelligent systems. In my master thesis at the Institute of Artificial Intelligence I developed a new tableau-based reasoning system, named Opens external link in new windowKonclude, for the description logic SROIQ, which can speed up calculations by using multi core/processor systems.

Since 2012 I am a doctoral student at the Institute of Artificial Intelligence at the University of Ulm and I am working on new optimisations for reasoning systems, which are able to deal with very expressive description logics. Moreover, a main objective of my work is to combine these optimisations with the parallelisation. The practical realisation takes place in the reasoning system Opens external link in new windowKonclude, which already shows impressive performance.

In July 2012 I received a scholarship for my PhD by the Opens external link in new windowState Postgraduate Scholarships Act (Landesgraduiertenförderungsgesetz, LGFG).



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