Our research is mainly concerned with various aspects of software engineering and compiler construction. In particular we concentrate on methods, tools and formalisms for requirements engineering, constraint programming, model driven development, experimental software engineering, formal methods for software development and the design of innovative software tools.


Institute of Software Engineering and Programming Languages

Ulm University
D-89069 Ulm

Building O27, Level 4

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Current Publications

Abdennadher, Slim; Frühwirth, Thom
Integration and Optimization of Rule-based Constraint Solvers
In Bruynooghe, M., editor, Logic-based Program Synthesis and Transformation (LOPSTR'03) Volume 3018 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science , page 198-213.
Publisher: Springer-Verlag,
Birla, S.; Tavakoli Kolagari, Ramin
A Requirements Modeling Framework for High Integrity Software-Intensive Automotive Product Lines
In Rombach, H. D. and Eicker, S. and Pohl, K. and Adelsberger, H. H. and Wulf, V. and Krcmar, H. and Pawlowski, J. M., editor, Multikonferenz Wirtschaftsinformatik (MKWI) Volume 1: E-Learning: Modelle, Instrumente und Erfahrungen, Software-Produktlinien, Communities in E-Business , page 169-183.
Publisher: Akademische Verlagsgesellschaft Aka GmbH,
Puschnig, A.; Tavakoli Kolagari, Ramin
Requirements Engineering in the Development of Innovative Automotive Embedded Software Systems
12th IEEE International Conference on Requirements Engineering , page 328-333.
Publisher: IEEE Computer Society,
Tavakoli Kolagari, Ramin
Towards a Framework for Requirements Engineering for Automotive Software System Product Lines in an OEM and Supplier Setting
In Glinz, M., editor, Proceedings of the Doctoral Consortium of the 12th IEEE International Conference on Requirements Engineering , page 13-16.
Publisher: IEEE Computer Society,
Tavakoli Kolagari, Ramin; Puschnig, A.
Entwicklung innovativer eingebetteter Systeme mit Experteneinbindung
Konferenzband des 9. Kongress Software-Qualitätsmanagement (SQM)
Gehring, Wolfgang
Current Issues in Higher Education in Germany
Achte Internationale Akademische Konferenz am Rivne Institute of Economics and Humanities, Ukraine Volume 2 , page 219-220.
October 2003