Planning and Decision

  • A1 - Adaptive Planning and Decision-Making
  • A2 - Knowledge Modelling
  • A3 - Early Diagnosis and Prevention of Negative Courses of Dialogues
  • A4 - Neurophysiology of Stimulus Evaluation and Change of Behavioral Strategy

Interaction and Availability

  • B1 - Assistive and Adaptive Dialogue Management
  • B2 - Neural Mechanisms of Information Processing in Dialogs
  • B3 - Multimodal Interaction
  • B4 - Characterization and Modelling of Information Seeking Dialogues

Situation and Emotion

  • C1 - Environment Perception
  • C2 - Recognition of Emotion from Spoken Language
  • C3 - Mechanisms of Nonverbal Communication: Mimic Emotion Recognition and Analysis of Head and Body Posture
  • C4 - Psychobiological Emotion Recognition
  • C5 - Information Fusion for the Recognition of Emotions and Dispositions

Transfer Projects

  • T1 - Companion-Technology for Augmented Reality Based Worker Assistance in Automotive Applications

Central Area

  • Z3 - Data Management and System Integration