Current status (as at 2017-06-26)

There have been repeated delays for different reasons, which we regret very much. The final contributions have arrived in January 2017, and both the composition and the typesetting of the issue have been largely completed. Our hope is that we manage to mail out the finished printed issue in July.

We would like to conclude the series with a particularly nice final issue that is worth the long wait. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the delay.

Call for contributions

Once more it is time to call for contributions to a new issue of the Ulmer Seminare. The new issue will be the 20th in the series – the first one appeared in 1996.
We are also announcing that this issue shall be the final issue of the series.

Naturally we want this issue to be a special one. In particular, this time contributions won't be restricted to the context of our research seminar in Ulm, and instead we would like to give all of you the opportunity to contribute. Therefore we have decided to focus specifically on two types of shorter contributions:
We invite everyone to submit what we call ‘open problems’ and ‘three-line proofs’ in the general realm of functional analysis, partial differential equations and evolution equations.

We are very broad-minded with what we mean by these two categories.
By an open problem we imagine a brief description of a problem you have encountered in your work that is not yet fully resolved, but that you are willing to generously share with the community. Ideally you would point out why the problem is interesting and give some background information. But lots of other things also fit the bill, e.g. anything from ‘verify this magical identity and contact me to receive a live goose’ to ‘my favourite famous open problem’ to ‘I have a gut feeling that the following would be worthwhile’.

A three-line proof is simply a short proof (but not necessarily three lines long) that is in some way surprising or elegant. This includes, for example, a particularly succint proof for a special case of an important theorem or a math puzzle with a simple solution.

Finally some organisational details:

  • The extended deadline for submissions is 31 May 2016.
  • Please communicate with Manfred Sauter and use [usem2016] in the email subject. It would be great if you could inform us beforehand whether you intend to submit a contribution. We will send another reminder in February 2016.
  • As usual a printed issue will be distributed to you in late mid 2016. Additionally, we intend to make the collection of open problems and three-line proofs available online both here and on

We hope that many of you decide to contribute to the final issue of the Ulmer Seminare. We very much appreciate your generous contributions and are looking forward to hearing from you!

Best regards from Ulm,
Wolfgang Arendt, Rico Zacher
and everybody from the Institute of Applied Analysis


P.S. It is bound to happen that we fail to contact some of you. In fact, if you are surprised that we didn't ask you to contribute to Ulmer Seminare, then we apparently failed to contact you. In this case we apologize for our negligence. Please contact us to get things rectified!