Conference contributions

  • E. Spodarev, "Transport networks with an infinite number of nodes" (ps, pdf), ZAMM 80, 2000, S3, pp. 851-852
  • D. Khmelev and E. Spodarev, "Infinite closed Jackson networks" (ps, pdf), J. Math. Sci., vol. 106 (2), 2001, pp. 2820-2829
  • S. Klenk, V. Schmidt and E. Spodarev, "A new algorithmic approach to the computation of Minkowski functionals of germ-grain models" (ps, pdf), Spatial point process modelling and its applications / International conference on spatial point process modelling and its applications (SPPA), A. Baddeley et al. (Eds.) Castello de la Plana: Publicacions de la Universitat Jaume I, D.L., 2004, pp. 137-154
  • E. Spodarev and V. Schmidt, "On the local connectivity number of stationary random closed sets" (ps, pdf), Mathematical Morphology: 40 Years On. Proceedings of the 7th International Symposium on Mathematical Morphology, April 18-20, 2005, C. Ronse, L. Najman, E. Decenciere (Eds.) Springer Series: Computational Imaging and Vision, Dordrecht, 2005, pp. 343-354
  • H. Braxmeier, V. Schmidt, E. Spodarev “Kriged road-traffic maps” (ps, pdf), Interfacing Geostatistics and GIS, J. Pilz (Ed.) Springer, Berlin, 2009, 105-11
  • W. Karcher, H.-P. Scheffler, E. Spodarev, "Efficient Simulation of stable random fields and its applications" (pdf) In: V.Capasso et al. (Eds.) Stereology and Image Analysis. Ecs10: Proceedings of The 10th European Congress of ISS, The MIRIAM Project Series, ESCULAPIO Pub. Co., Bologna, Italy, 2009, pp. 63-72

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