In the winter term 2017, the Institute of Finance offers a bachelor seminar on Fintech (in German). The Institute of Strategic Management and Finance offers a master seminar on  Banking.


Who assigns better ratings - rating agencies with few ties to the countries that are rated, or agencies with more ties?  In a study, we examine this question for the eurozone debt crisis.  Read more in the paper or the following summary.

Do popular measures of systemic risk reliably indicate how much financial stability is threatened by individual institutions? A paper to be published in the Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis shows that there are many cases in which the measures can give misleading indications and create wrong incentives.

Were contagion effects in the euro debt crisis as relevant as many observers believed them to be? A new study with surprising results is published in the Journal of Fixed Income.




Credit risk modeling using Excel and VBA

The 2nd edition of the successful book by Gunter Löffler und Peter N. Posch has been released.