M.Sc. Sarah Friedrich


Winter Semester 2017/18

Statistische Fallstudien

Summer Semester 2017

Statistische Versuchsplanung

Winter Semester 2016/17

Elementare WR und Statistik

Summer Semester 2016


Winter Semester 2015/16

Stochastics 3

Summer Semester 2015

Statistische Versuchsplanung



  • Friedrich, S, Konietschke, F and Pauly, M (2017). A Wild Bootstrap Approach for Nonparametric Repeated Measurements. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 113, 38-52.
  • Friedrich, S, Konietschke, F and Pauly, M (2017). GFD: An R package for the Analysis of General Factorial Designs. Journal of Statistical Software, 79(1), 1-18.
  • Friedrich, S, Brunner, E and Pauly, M (2017). Permuting Longitudinal Data In Spite Of The Dependencies. Journal of Multivariate Analysis, 153, 255-265.
  • Friedrich, S, Beyersmann, J, Winterfeld, U, Schumacher, M and Allignol, A (2017). Nonparametric Estimation of Pregnancy Outcome Probabilities. Annals of Applied Statistics, 11(2), 840-867.



  • GFD: Tests for General Factorial Designs
  • MANOVA.RM: Analysis of Multivariate Data and Repeated Measures Designs
  • rankFD: Rank-Based Tests for General Factorial Designs

Brief CV:

  • since Feb 2015: Research assistant and Ph.D. student at the Institute of Statistics, Ulm University
  • Oct 2012 - Jan 2015: M.Sc, Mathematische Biometrie at Ulm University, Master's Thesis: "Estimation of pregnancy outcome probabilities in the presence of heavy left-truncation"
  • Oct 2009 - Sep 2012: B.Sc. Mathematik at the University of Stuttgart, Bachelor's Thesis: "Datenspektroskopie: Eigenräume von Faltungsoperatoren und Clustering"



Ulm University
Institute of Statistics
Helmholtzstr. 20 (Room E.41)
89081 Ulm


Phone: (+49) 731/ 50 33107
E-Mail: sarah.friedrich(at)uni-ulm.de