The representatives

The representatives of the Promovierendenkonvent can be contacted by e-mail via proko(at)

The members are:

  • Michael Gentner (chairperson)
  • Alexandra König (vice-chairperson)
  • Ferdinand Pittino
  • Andrea Kurz
  • Johannes Habermehl
  • Mattis Geiger
  • Melina Klepsch

Former representatives

  • term of office from 01. Otober 2015 to 30. September 2016

    Michael Gentner (chairperson)

    Alexandra König (vice-chairperson)

    Benjamin Menhorn

    Ferdinand Pittino

    Andrea Kurz

    Konstantin Ehinger

    Melina Klepsch

  • term of office from 25. March 2015 to 30. September

    Benjamin Menhorn (chairperson)

    Alexandra König (vice-chairperson)

    Julius Gröne

    Juliane de Vries

    Maximilian-Niklas Bonk

    Michael Gentner

    Melina Klepsch 


As legal documents, the following documents are only availiable in German.