School of Chemistry

The award winners 2013 of the school of chemistry: Felix Heindl, Philipp Kratzer, Pascal Heitel, Irina Lifincev, Michael Keim, Manuel Meckle (from left to right) Prof. Ulrich Ziener (acting for the absent Roman Vill) and Prof. Timo Jacob as well as Dr. Jürgen Vogt (left). (Foto: A. Bingmann)

The next awarding ceremony will take place in a special symposium on
May 8, 2014, at 17:00

Prof. Dr. Santiago Alvarez

Departament de Quimica Inorgànica and Institut de Quimica Teòrica i Computacional, Universitat de Barcelona
"Pseudosymmetry, Nested Symmetries and
Latent Symmetry in the Molecular World.



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