Institute of Analytic and Bioanalytic Chemistry


Research areas:

Our interdisciplinary researches concentrate on the development and the practice of innovative (micro- and nano)analytic methods. Those develop new paths and technologies in sensoring, diagnosing and in depicting complex molecular processes in environmentally relevant, process analytic and medicinal/biological field of application.

Furthermore, the IABC runs the Focused Ion Beam Center UUlm, a research facility for the micro- and nano-production and -chararterization via dual electron beam and ion beam miscroscopy.

  • Infrared sensor technology and spectroscopy.
  • Application of sensors in process, environmental and bioanalytics
  • Molekulare detection by bio-mimetic materials
  • Multifunctional scanning probe microscopy
  • Multifunctinal analytic platforms in bioanalytics
  • Charakterization and application of nano-materials in trace analysis
  • Modern flow injection procedures in environmental and bioanalytics

Head of Institute

  • room: O26 / 327
  • phone: +49 731 50-22750