Academic Information

Are you interested in knowing which lectures and courses are offered and what they include? Do you need information about tuition fees and exemptions? Would you like to know under what circumstances you are eligible for academic leave? Would you like to register for an exam?

You will find the answers to these questions and further information about University academics on these pages. There are pamphlets and forms available for downloading as well

Certificates can be printed online
From now certificates of enrolment for the current semester, certificates of enrolment for previous semesters, certificates of paid fees for both the current and previous semester are availaible online for all students. There are no more print-outs at the SB-terminals nor do we send any certificates after re-registration.
Please log on to the Hocchschuldiensteportal:
Log in with your kiz-account. Click the Button "Study & Teaching" and log in to "LSF-QISPOS", then click the button "My Functions". Here you can print out the above mentioned certificates  and get information about fees paid and fees that have to be paid in the next semester. Withdrawn students can print Certificates of Withdrawal.
How to print certificates.

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