Tuition Fees

There are no tuition fees in bachelor and consecutive master programmes. Tuition fees are payable in the master programmes Advanced Oncology, Innovation and Science Management and Sensor System Engineering.

The following fees are payable by all students (per semester):

Administration fee  60.00 €
Student Union fee 79.50 €
Fee for constituted student body  19,00 € 
Total amount 158.50 €

The fees have to be paid by 10 February for a summer semester and by 10 August for a winter semester (during the re-registration process). Late payments will be assessed a late fee in the amount of 20.00 euro

The legal foundations for the fees are:

Administration fee
§ 12 Initiates file downloadState law on tuition in higher education
(only available in German)

Student union fee
Opens external link in new windowBeitragsordnung des Studentenwerks Ulm
(only available in German)

Fee for the constituted student body winter semester 2014/15
Opens external link in new windowBeitragssatzung der Verfassten Studierendenschaft der Universität Ulm vom 02.05.2014 (only available in German)

Tuition fees for the master programme Advanced Oncology
Opens external link in new windowStatutes regulating the imposition of tuition fees in the postgraduate English language online master programme “Advanced Oncology”

 Tuition fees for the master programmes Innovation and Science Management and Sensor Systems Engineering
Opens external link in new windowSatzung über die Erhebung von Studiengebühren in weiterbildenden Masterstudiengängen im Zentrum für berufsbegleitende universitäre Weiterbildung (SAPS)
(only available in German)




If you have questions about tuition fees, please send us an E-Mail.


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