3rd International Workshop on Process Engineering (IWPE 2017)

Universität Ulm

3rd International Workshop on Process Engineering (IWPE 2017), Barcelona, 11 September 2017

The Third International Workshop on Process Engineering aims at bringing together researchers and practitioners interested in the engineering aspects of process-oriented information systems. Business process management as a scientific discipline has been very successful in developing concepts, languages, algorithms, and techniques in different aspects of the domain. Many of those concepts and techniques, however, did not yet find their way to the operational business of companies. One of the reasons for the weak uptake of research results in business process management is the lack of research in engineering aspects of process-aware information systems.

Engineering focuses on the entire value chain of system development, from the elicitation of business requirements to the engineering of suitable architectures, components and user interfaces of process systems, as well as their testing, deployment, and maintenance. The proposed workshop aims at providing a forum for researchers and practitioners who are interested in all engineering aspects of the design and implementation of process systems.

The workshop is co-organized by Stefanie Rinderle-Ma (Universität Wien) and Maria Teresa Gómez López (Universidad de Sevilla). Further information can be found on: iwpe2017.dbisuulm.de/