Demonstrating Context-aware Process Injection with the CaPI Tool

Universität Ulm

Demo Presentation at the BPM 2017 Demos;

Nicolas Mundbrod, Barcelona, Spain, 13 September 2017, 4:00 PM

Today’s enterprises face individual customer expectations, high product variability, and an abundance of regulations. Consequently, they must cope with numerous business process variants, whose design and execution depend on a multiplicity of influencing factors, like, e.g., customer requests, resource availability, compliance rules, or process data. Moreover, already running processes need to be also adjustable to respond to contextual changes, emerging regulations, or new customer requests. With the goal to provide support for process variant management at both design and run time, this demo paper presents the prototype of the context-aware process framework (CaPI). The latter, in particular, enables the sophisticated modeling of process variants based on the context-aware injection of process fragments into a base process. Thus, executed process variants may dynamically evolve during run time, considering the current context of the respective process instance. The CaPI tool was developed based on existing adaptive process management technology. Overall, CaPI enables context-aware process injection, and, thus, the specification of varying processes while providing high process flexibility at run time.

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