Demonstrating Flexible Support for Knowledge-Intensive Processes with proCollab

Universität Ulm

Demo Presentation at the BPM 2017 Demos;

Nicolas Mundbrod, Barcelona, Spain, 13 September 2017, 4:00 PM

Knowledge-intensive processes (KiPs) are driven by knowledge workers utilizing their skills, experiences, and expertise. As these processes are emergent and unpredictable, their support constitutes a big challenge. For coordinating and synchronizing the various tasks of a KiPs, knowledge workers still rely on simple task lists like, e.g., to-do list or checklists. Though task lists are intuitive, their current implementations are very ineffective: tasks are neither made explicit nor are they personalized or synchronized. In addition, no task management lifecycle support is provided and media disruptions frequently occur. This tool demonstration presents the proCollab framework supporting a wide range of KiPs (e.g., projects and cases) through integrated, lifecycle-based task management. In particular, proCollab task trees support the provision of task list templates and to constitute digital task lists of any kind. For customization, it further allows integrating domain-specific methodologies as well as configuring task lists at design and run time. Overall, the pro- Collab framework shall improve coordination among knowledge workers, increase work awareness, and record valuable coordination efforts.

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