Object-Aware and Data-Driven Business Process Management

Universität Ulm

Invited Colloquium Talk at the Invited Colloquium Talk University of Seville;

Manfred Reichert, Sevilla, Spain, 14 December 2017, 10:00 AM

Process management systems (PrMS) offer promising perspectives with respect to flexible business process automation. In practice, however, many business processes are not adequately supported by contemporary PrMS. Many of the limitations observable in process implementation projects can be traced back to the missing integration of processes, data and users. In particular, we learned that comprehensive business process support requires object-awareness. This means, business data must be manageable in terms of object types characterized by their attributes and relations to other object types. Moreover, business process support needs to consider object behavior as well as object interactions and therefore be based on two levels of granularity.
Finally, object-awareness requires data-driven process execution and integrated access to processes and data.

This talk presents fundamental properties of object-aware business processes and discusses basic requirements for their operational support. It further introduces the PHILharmonicFlows framework, which enables full object-aware process management. Finally, the talk evaluates the PHILharmonicFlows framework along real-world process scenarios and gives insights into a powerful proof-of-concept prototype.
We believe that a holistic approach integrating data, processes and users at the operational level will allow overcoming the limitations of contemporary PrMS.