ProHealth 2017 - Internationaler Workshop zu Prozessmanagement in der Medizin

Universität Ulm

Manfred Reichert ist Mitorganisator des 10th Int'l Workshop on Process-oriented Information Systems in Healthcare (ProHealth) und des 9th Int'l Workshop on Knowledge Representation for Health Care (KR4HC). Der kombinierte KR4HC / ProHealth 2017 Workshop wird im Rahmen der AIME 2017 Konferenz in Wien am 24. Juni 2017 stattfinden. Manfred Reichert teilt sich die Rolle als Mitorganisator  und PC Co-Chair mit seinen Kollegen Richard Lenz (Universität Nürnberg-Erlangen), Mor Peleg und David Riaño (Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spanien).


Formalizing medical knowledge and procedures is a means to introduce artificial intelligence in the practice of medicine. In the last years we have witnessed the increasing advances and continuous incorporation of computer technologies for knowledge representation and process modeling as a means to improve health care and to provide every time more automated and modern clinical services. These technologies remain at the very core of other medical informatics areas such as decision support systems, e-health, m-health, smart health, simulation, clinical alarm systems, electronic health care records, patient-centered care, modeling, standardization, and quality assessment.

The Joint International Workshop KR4HC-ProHealth in 2017 is the fifth time that two separate research communities merge to address common medical issues, to discuss about new trends, and to propose solutions to health care issues by means of the integration of knowledge representation and process management technologies as a contribution of the advance of medical informatics.

As part of medical informatics, the knowledge-representation for health care (KR4HC) view focuses on representing and reasoning with medical knowledge in computers as a means to support knowledge management, clinical decision-making, and health care modeling and medical simulation. This community aims at developing efficient representations, technologies, and tools for integrating all the important elements that health care providers work with: Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) and healthcare information systems, clinical practice guidelines, and standardized medical vocabularies.

As part of business process management, the process-oriented information systems in healthcare (ProHealth) view focuses on using business process management technology to provide effective solutions for the management of healthcare processes. This community aims at adapting successful process management solutions to health care processes and needs, with a particular interest in organization, optimization, cooperation, risk analysis, flexibility, re-utilization, and integration of health care tasks and teams.

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