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Sun, L.; Hu, X.; Wang, L.; Zhao, J.; Yang, S.; Tai, R.; Fecht, H.-J.; Zhang, D.X.; Wang, L.Q.; Jiang, J.Z.
High throughput fabrication of large-area plasmonic color filters by soft-X-ray interference lithography
Optics Express, 24:19112-19121
Wunderlich, R.K.; Fecht, H.J.; Lohöfer, G.
Surface Tension and Viscosity of the Ni-Based Superalloys LEK94 and CMSX-10 Measured by the Oscillating Drop Method on Board a Parabolic Flight
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B,
Spettl, A.; Brereton, T.; Duan, Q.; Werz, T.; Krill III, C.E.; Kroese, D.P.; Schmidt, V.
Fitting Laguerre tessellation approximations to tomographic image data
Philosophical Magazine, 96:166-189
Dake, J.M.; Oddershede, J.; Sørensen, H.O.; Werz, T.; Shatto, J.C.; Schmidt, S.; Krill III, C.E.
Direct observation of grain rotations during coarsening of a semisolid Al-Cu alloy
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 113:E5998-E6006
Wiora, N.; Mertens, M.; Mohr, M.; Brühne, K.; Fecht, H.-J.
Piezoresistivity of n-type conductive ultrananocrystalline diamond
Diamond and Related Materials, 70:145-150
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