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Abschlussarbeiten und Studenten-Projekte

Auf dieser Seite sind Themen für mögliche Abschlussarbeiten sowie bereits betreute Abschlussarbeiten aufgelistet. Weitere Themen für Bachelor-, Master und Diplomarbeiten sind auf der Institutsseite zu Abschlussarbeiten zu finden. 

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Verfügbare Themen für Abschlussarbeiten und Projekte

Matousek, Matthias; Lang, Dominik
OBD Data-Logger for Driving Behaviour Analysis
Institute of Distributed Systems, Ulm University,
in Vorbereitung

Marker: MatthiasMatousek, DominikLang, PROJEKT, AA

Zusammenfassung: Analysis of driving behaviour presents opportunities for security, but comes with implications for privacy. In order to conduct research in this field, driving data is required. The goal of this project is to implement tools that log driving data from a vehicle's OBD port. Further, a framework for data analysis — e.g. via machine learning mechanisms — should be provided.

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Früher betreute Abschlussarbeiten


Waldenmaier, Tobias
Privacy-Preserving Geofencing
Master's Thesis
Institute of Distributed Systems, Ulm University,

Marker: AA, MA, MatthiasMatousek, privacy

Zusammenfassung: With geofencing, car holders can get notified when their vehicle leaves a predetermined area. This feature can be used by companies to keep tabs on their company vehicles, or by private individuals to gain higher security. However, when the vehicle manufacturer or a third-party provider is hosting the geofencing service, he also needs access to the vehicle location. This also means that the provider can derive movement profiles of the vehicle's drivers. So-called searchable encryption has the potential to enable geofencing without the need for the provider to know the exact vehicle locations. The goal of this thesis is to develop and evaluate a proof-of-concept that provides geofencing while preserving the drivers' privacy. Thus, several searchable encryption schemes should be compared and assessed for their applicability to this task. At least one of the schemes should be implemented and the resulting prototype evaluated regarding its adequacy and efficiency.

Kneer, Daniel
Simulation of Backend-Based Misbehaviour Detection for Connected Cars
Master's Thesis
Institute of Distributed Systems, Ulm University,

Marker: AA, MA, MatthiasMatousek, itsec


Gaiser, Steffen
Analysis of the Data Security and Privacy in Connected Cars
Master's Thesis
Institut für Verteilte Systeme, Universität Ulm,

Marker: AA, MA, MatthiasMatousek, privacy, itsec

Zusammenfassung: Vehicular networks are becoming reality in todays cars. Modern cars are connected to the Internet using a WLAN or GSM connection. The cars are communicating with the backend of the vendor and also with other service providers on the Internet. The data contains a lot of private information about the driver. From this data, a data profile can be achieved, for example from location data, contacts and calender entries. This work analyses how the data protection and privacy is implemented by the vendors of different cars and shall give an overview of the different connected car systems. Therefore an overview of the different services of the cars will be created which categorizes the privacy terms. Another point is the analysis and categorization of the privacy terms which have to be accepted to use the services when buying or renting a car. The next step is – if possible – to analyse the technical implementation. Therefore a sniffing of the traffic of the different services will be realised. The goal of the thesis is to give an overview of the data protection and privacy of the services in current connected cars.