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Lukaseder, Thomas
Policy Checking for Flexible High-Performance Zones
Institut für Verteilte Systeme, Uni Ulm,
in Vorbereitung

Marker: AA, MA, DA, ThomasLukaseder, itsec, networks

Zusammenfassung: Flexible high-performance zones are inter-institutional networks within a WAN. These FHP zones are meant to be set up for short-term unbureaucratic solutions for inter-institutional data transfer at high rates. However, policies of superordinate institutions—e.g. an ISP—typically prevent the necessary flexibility of the network. Combining Software Defined Networks with Policy Checking is a new idea to facilitate the required flexibility. Institutions within the network are allowed to change their network settings autonomously by changing their SDN rules. A policy checker at ISP level observes the network and automatically prevents any rule breaks. A purely simulation-based implementation is already under development. Goal of this thesis is to transfer this idea to real network components and to evaluate it in a WAN environment.



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