Workshop: German Culture at your Workplace

Universität Ulm

How to avoid intercultural faux pas, meet the demands of your employers and team and achieve intercultural communication skills

Have you ever thought about how it is to work in a German Company? Have you ever felt lost understanding “these Germans”?  Do you know which skills you need, which intercultural challenges you might face and how to communicate and integrate well in a team in  a German company?

Then this workshop is exactly designed for you. Graduates as well as students that are about to graduate are welcome to join this training that prepares participants for a good start in a new job and work environment in Germany. Through lectures, case studies, group work, discussions, and presentations we will focus on German business culture, etiquette, and communication.


Please note our terms and conditions:

  • The number of participants is limited;
  • the deadline for registration is 5th of May;
  • registrations after the deadline cannot be accepted;
  • should you have to cancel your registration, please let us know in advance via mail so that other participants get the opportunity to take part instead!

Please sign up using the online plug-in!