Semester Courses

The Language Center at Ulm University is called Zentrum für Sprachen und Philologie (ZSP). They offer courses in many languages every semester, including a significant number of German courses. Courses meet 2 hours/week and they are worth 3 ECTS credits. 

Intensive German Language Courses

Prior to the beginning of each semester the International Office organizes a month-long orientation period in March/September, which also includes a three-week Intensive German Language Course. Three groups/levels are offered regularly:

  • I: Absolute Beginners
  • II: Elementary German
  • III: Intermediate German

A separate course in "Advanced German" can only be offered, if enough students sign up for the intensive German language course.

After successful completion of the course, students will receive 3 ECTS credits and a certificate for "Intensive German Language". If students sign up for additional culture modules, they will receive a total of 4 ECTS credits and a certificate for "Intensive German Language & Culture".

In general, the language of instruction is German. Most study programs offered at Ulm University are German-taught programs. However, there may be select courses taught in English even in German study programs. In addition, there are is a growing number of Master programs taught in English.

Medicine & Dentistry are strictly taught in German. Even Students wishing to do practical work in a hospital (elective/clerkship/rotation) must have sufficient command of German

Students wishing to do a project or thesis in any of the other subject areas do not need to prove proficiency in German, as long as they have sufficient command of English.

Courses form Master Programs

Please note: students who wish to take classes from a Master program should be Master level students by the time they start their studies at Ulm University , i.e.  they should have

  • formally completed a Bachelor degree or 
  • completet at least three years of undergraduate study or 
  • completed an equivalent of 180 ECTS

Language Issues

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