This course will be presented based on the knowledge of the Bachelor course "Elemente der Funktionentheorie". Besides reminding some basic results of complex analysis, we will cover the following topics:

  • Partial complex differentiations, the complex Green-Gauss integral theorem and the general Cauchy integral theorem,
  • Residue theorem and its applications,
  • Conformal mappings, the Möbius transformations and Riemann sphere, Riemann's Mapping theorem,
  • Riemann zeta function,
  • Harmonic functions, boundary value problems.


Dozent: Prof. Dr. Friedmar Schulz
Übungsleiter: Dr. Kim-Hang Le


  • ECTS-Punkte: 9
  • 4+2 SWS

Termine und Räume

  • Lecture (starting on 17.10.17)
    • Tuesday 10:0012:00:           He18, E20
    • Wednesday 12:0014:00:      He18, E20
  • Exercises (starting on 27.10.17)
    • Friday 12:0014:00:          He18, E60

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  • Reinhold Remmert: Funktionentheorie I/II
  • Tutschke, W., Vasudeva, H.L.: An Introduction to Complex Analysis, Chapman&Hall / CRC 
  • Freitag, E., Busam, R.: Funktionentheorie, Springer