Dr. Adrian Spener

Research interests

  • Li-Yau estimates on graphs
  • Higher order variational problems from geometry and their flows, asymptotic behaviour, in particular for elastic curves
  • Short time existence with maximal Lp-regularity

List of Publications

  • A. Dall'Acqua, T. Laux, C.-C. Lin, P. Pozzi, A. Spener
    The elastic flow of curves in the sphere (preprint)
  • A. Dall'Acqua, A. Spener
    The elastic flow of curves in the hyperbolic plane (submitted to CAG, 2017)
  • A. Spener
    Short Time Existence for the Elastic Flow of Clamped Curves
    to appear in Mathematische Nachrichten (2016)
    DOI 10.1002/mana201600304
  • A. Dall'Acqua, P. Pozzi, A. Spener
    The Lojasiewicz-Simon gradient inequality for open elastic curves
    to appear in J. Differential Equations (2016)
    DOI 10.1016/j.jde.2016.04.027 (Preprint)

Invited Talks

  • 06.07.2017, Asymptotic Behaviour of the Elastic Flow, GK-Kolloquium, Regensburg
  • 08. und 15.11.2016, Nonlinear Dynamical Systems - Aspects from Analysis, Geometry, Modeling and Stochastic, Ulm: "Geometrische Flüsse von Kurven I+II"
  • 17.06.2016, 38. Süddeutsches Kolloquium über Differentialgeometrie, Mainz: "Short Time Existence of the Elastic Flow of Open Curves"
  • 3.10.2014, International Workshop Probability, Analysis and Geometry, Lomonosov State University, Moscow: "On the Lojasiewicz-Simon inequality"
  • 23.10.2013, Oberseminar Institut für Analysis, Ulm: "Allgemeine Theorie elastischer Kurven"
  • 4.09.2013, Workshop Probability, Analysis and Geometry, Ulm: "Variational Flows of Curves in Riemannian Space"



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