Job opening for Ph.D. student (biology, molecular medicine, biochemistry)

Universität Ulm

The bone biology group of the Institute of Orthopaedic Research and Biomechanics at the Ulm University Medical Centre invites applications for a

PhD student position (3 years - 65% E13 TVL) within the DFG funded Collaborative Research Centre 1149 "Danger response, disturbance factors and regeneration after acute trauma"

Start date: October 2017

Poorly healing bone fractures are a major clinical problem. Particularly, severely injured patients are at high risk for disturbed bone regeneration, the underlying pathomechanisms are so far poorly understood. The immune system is known to play a crucial role in bone fracture healing.The early immune response after injury is regarded to be critical for subsequent bone regeneration by influencing down-stream responses guiding tissue repair. However, the role of certain immune cells and inflammatory mediators is scarce so far. The project, which is part of the CRC1149, will build up on our previous data and further elucidate the role of innate immune cells and cytokines in fracture healing using e.g. transgenic mouse models, cell culture and a broad spectrum of techniques in molecular biology, histology, and imaging (μCT, MRI).

The applicant

We are seeking excellent candidates (M.Sc. in biology, molecular medicine, biochemistry etc.) with a strong motivation to address biological and medical questions in multidisciplinary approaches. Experience in immunology and molecular biology are advantageous.

We offer

  • top level research possibilities.
  • excellent supervision.
  • a motivated and collegial team.

The University aims to increase the number of female employees and particularly asks qualified female candidates to apply. Disabled and handicapped female applicants are preferred when equally qualified. The recruitment is made by the administration of Ulm University Medical Centre on behalf of the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg. 

Applications are welcome by e-mailPlease send one single PDF including all documents

Prof. Dr. Anita Ignatius
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