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"Advanced Materials"
Faculty of Natural Sciences
Ulm University
Albert Einstein-Allee 11
89081 Ulm/Germany

Master of Science in Advanced Materials

Master of Science program "Advanced Materials" deals with modern, innovative materials with special properties at atomic/molecular scale and a pronounced potential for application in science, technology and medicine. The program is strongly research oriented and offers students to focus on either "Nanomaterials" (nanoscaled materials with e.g. special electrical or optical traits or quantum effects) or "Biomaterials" (materials e.g. employed in cell culture, drug delivery, surgery and dental implants).

An international and interdisciplinary program taught entirely in English, "Advanced Materials" is designed for both international and German students, who have earned a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Engineering in physics, chemistry, biology, materials science, electrical engineering or other programs relating to materials/materials properties.

Students will acquire competent knowledge in the following areas:

  • Hands-on experience in physics and materials science labs
  • Scientific working methods and current research in the nano-/biomaterials field
  • Scientific competency as well as professional skills in the application range of modern materials science

Current research projects: 


  • Coming up soon.
  • Coming up soon.
Materials Chemistry: Nanomaterials

Coming up soon!

  • Coming up soon.
Biomaterials in Medicine
  • Development of degradable and injectable hydrogels, functionalized with bioactive molecules for clinical usage.
    Objective: Simultaneous inhibition of bone degrading cells and stimulation of bone forming cells. Treatment of bone defects, support and improvement of bone regeneration especially in osteoporotic patients.
    Cooperation Prof. Ignatius (Institute of Orthopaedic Research and Biomechanics), Prof. Weil (Institute of Organic Chemistry III, Polymers and Biopolymers) and Prof. Barth (Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology)
  • Interaction of mesenchymal stem cells and osteoblasts with nanostructured surfaces: Investigation of the effect of well-defined nanoscale topographies (e.g. nanopillars of different diameter, height and distance) on cell adhesion, migration, proliferation and differentiation processes.
    Objective: Improving the functionality of biomaterial surfaces in contact with bone tissue.
    Cooperation Prof. Brenner (Orthopaedic Clinic, Biochemistry of Joints and Connective Tissue), Dr. Plettl, Prof. Ziemann (Institute of Solid State Physics)
Materials Chemistry: Biomaterials

Coming up soon!


Opens window for sending emailProf. Dr. Kay-Eberhard Gottschalk
Institute for Experimental Physics

Chairman Examination Board AM
Consultation on request. Please contact Opens window for sending emailMrs. Stadter.

Ulm University
Faculty of Sciences
D-89069 Ulm Germany

Opens window for sending emailDr. Maria-Verena Kohnle
      Coordinator "Advanced Materials"
      Tel: + 49 (0)731/50-23032
Sibel Looser
      Tel:  + 49 (0)731/50-23008
      Fax: + 49 (0)731/50-23034

Room: N25/3104
Office hours: Mo-Thu  9 am -1 pm

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AM at a glance

  • Degree:
    Master of Science
  • Prescribed period of study:
    4 semesters
  • Start of Program:
    Winter semester
  • Language of instruction:
  • Application:
    Application period 01.01. - 30.04
  • Additional information:
    No German language skills required

Information on the Subject

Which courses have to be attended?
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What do courses deal with?
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Study and Examination Regulations
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Timetables, course announcements, exam info, info on master´s thesis
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Application and Admission




  • Scope of the program: Scientific principles, experimental research, analytical methods and applications in the interdisciplinary fields of nanomaterials and biomaterials
  • Emphasis on lab work: Students get trained in conducting scientific experiments, recording and analyzing experimental data. Lab courses deal with modern physics and materials, materials science, materials used in medicine and employment of modern analytical methods and devices.
  • Independent research project: For completion of the program students work independently on an experimental master´s thesis project in an area/institute of their choice.
  • Multidisciplinarity: The master program aims at getting together students, teachers and researchers from different disciplines in natural sciences and engineering science.

 Educational requirements to be met by future students:

  • Solid undergraduate education in mathematics and physics or mathematics and chemistry.
  • Good basic knowledge in materials science is beneficial.
  • Willingness to close potential gaps in basic knowledge in mathematics, natural sciences and materials sciences quickly. Students will attend demanding intensive courses that summarize basics and lead to advanced topics fast.
  • Willingness to actively participate in classes, labs and seminars.
  • Social skills to live and study in a multicultural, scientifically and personally stimulating environment.

Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements

  • Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Engineering (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Materials Science, Electrical Engineering or other programs relating to materials/material properties); duration of the Bachelor program at least 3 years. German students can also apply with a Fachhochschul- or Berufsakademiediplom in one of the above mentioned subjects.
  • Prove of 2 Mathematics and 2  Physics courses or 2 Mathematics and 2 Chemistry courses (3 hours per week and semester each) attended and passed.
  • Good command of English proven by either IELTS-test (minimum score 6.5) or TOEFL test (minimum score 88).

Evaluation of applications draws upon the applicant´s bachelor program, final bachelor grade or current CGPA, bachelor courses (courses and course grades in mathematics, physics, chemistry, materials science, engineering science and biology/biochemistry), the applicant´s motivation to participate in the program (motivation letter) and two reference letters by university teachers from bachelor university.





  • There is an exam (predominantly written) for every course (lectures, seminars) at the end of the lecture period of each semester.
  • For written exams a retake exam is offered.
  • Time period for exams: last week of lecture period + three weeks following lecture period.
  • Time period for retake exams: One week before start of lecture period of the subsequent semester + first week of new lecture period.
  • For lab courses students usually have to earn a "Certificate of Achievement" (pass/fail).
  • Passed exams cannot be repeated.
  • Failed exams can be repeated two times.
  • Calculation of final master grade is carried out using weighted module grades as outlined in "Subject-Specific Examination and Study Regulations for Advanced Materials".

  • Opens internal link in current windowTerm dates



  • Students have to prove study progress. The following deadlines have to be met:

    83 credit points earned at the end of examination period (retake exams) of fourth semester.
    120 credit points (master completed) earned at the end of the sixth semester.

  • Students are allowed to apply for (register for) the module "Master´s Thesis" only after having earned 83 credit points.

Master´s Thesis

Master´s Thesis

  • Students can apply for (register for) the module "Master´s Thesis" after having earned 83 credit points.
  • Student´s carry out the master´s thesis project at an institute or institution of Ulm University.
  • Students can also be permitted to do a master´s thesis project externally at a research institution not belonging to Ulm University or with a company engaged in research, development or production of modern functional materials. To this end students need to file an application. The topic of the project has to be approved by the examination board for "Advanced Materials".

Professional Perspectives

Professional Perspectives

Job opportunities of master graduates include:

Positions in industry:

  • Research and development, production, service, sales and distribution of functional nano- and biomaterials
  • Technological areas, nanomaterials: Optoelectronics and laser technology, semiconductor technology, energy technology (fuel cells, batteries, photovoltaics), sensor technology
  • Technological areas, biomaterials: Medical engineering, pharmaceutical technology, food industry
  • Specialized applications

Positions in academics:

  • PhD in Germany and all over the world
  • Teaching
  • Research

Working as a Student

Working as a Student

  • We recommend that students do not work during 1st semester.
  • There is a limited number of student assistant positions (HiWi) available at the institutes participating in the MSc program “Advanced Materials”.
  • There is no financial compensation for master´s thesis work done at Ulm University.
  • Info Opens internal link in current windowWork Regulations for Students (International Office, Ulm University)

Financial Issues

Financial Issues

  • There is no tuition fee at Ulm University.
  • Students pay a fee of 156 € per semester (60 € administrative fee, 77 € fee student union, 19 € student council).
  • Dormitory rooms are provided for international students by the students union (Studentenwerk Ulm) as far as possible. Rent (average): 300 € per month
  • Living expenses in Ulm per month: 750 € minimum.
  • Ulm University does not offer any scholarships for incoming students.



  • I have earned a Bachelor of Science (BSc)/Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) in an area not explicitely listed under "Entry requirements"/Bachelor Program. Am I eligible to apply for the "Advanced Materials" program?
    Since "Advanced Materials" is a interdisciplinary MSc program all students who have earned a BSc or BIng in a field/program relating to materials/material properties (and who meet the other entry requirements: English language proficiency) are welcome to apply. To decide on your application, the admission comittee will check your documents (Bachelor program, your transcripts and CV) to find out: Does the applicant´s educational profile match "Advanced Materials"? Make sure to point out where, when and how you made contact with problems relating to materials/materials properties during you bachelor program in your Letter of Objectives. Point out why you have a special interest in materials/material properties.
  • Can I get an evaluation of my chances for admission before I actually apply/send my application documents?
    No. Since the evaluation draws on your bachelor grade, course grades, the content of your bachelor program and courses, your motivation and the personal review of your performance in the bachelor program by two teachers (letter of reference) no assessment in advance is possible.
  • Do I need to prove German language skills to apply for and participate in this program?
    No. The program is taught entirely in English. No German language skills are required. But: Compulsory German courses are part of the curriculum. Courses for students with no, intermediate or advanced language competency are offered.
  • Do I have to take an English proficiency test (TOEFL or IELTS) if English was language of instruction at my bachelor university?
    Yes, you have to take the test. Only native speakers are exempted.
  • I want to apply for the program but haven´t yet passed the English test yet. What can I do?
    You can apply now and send the test result as soon as you have received it. You have to be aware: In case you get admitted you will not be able to enroll without a test result meeting the requirements (TOEFL minimum 88, IELTS minimum 6,5).
  • I want to apply for the program but haven´t finished my Bachelor program yet or haven´t received my bachelor certificate yet. What can I do?
    You can apply now (send all transcripts of records you received so far) and send the certificate as soon as you have received it. Again: No enrollment without the certificate.

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