Energy Science and Technology

The MSc program “Energy Science and Technology” deals with modern technologies for energy conversion and storage and with the scientific principles underlying these technologies. The program is strongly research-oriented and focusses on electrochemical energy conversion and storage in fuel cells and batteries. Taught entirely in English, the international and interdisciplinary program “is designed for both international and German students, who have earned a Bachelor of Science (preferably chemistry or physics) or a Bachelor of Engineering (preferably chemical or electrical engineering).

Students will acquire competent knowledge in the following areas:

  • Broad basis in relevant topics from chemistry, materials science and energy technology
  • Hands-on experience in chemistry, materials science and energy science and technology labs
  • Scientific working methods and current research in the area of energy science and technology
  • Professional  skills as well as scientific competency in the area of energy science and technology and applications

Current research projects and publications:

  • Electrode processes and electrochemical/catalytic reactions in batteries and low temperature fuel cells
  • Energy technology in automotive engineering: Energy management for hybrid propulsion
  • Performance and endurance tests, material development and development of components for lithium ion batteries
  • Development of stacks and components for fuel cells, production technology and modelling and simulations in these areas


Prof. Dr. Rolf Jürgen Behm
Institute of Surface Chemistry and Catalysis

Consultation hour
Wednesday 12-13
Room 47.2.217

Dr. Maria-Verena Kohnle
Coordinator Energy Science and Technology
Fon: + 49 (0)731/50-22290
Room N25/3103

Sibel Looser
Fon: + 49 (0)731/50-23008
Fax: + 49 (0)731/50-23034
Room: N25/3104

Ulm University
Faculty of Sciences
D-89069 Ulm Germany

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Application and Admission

Application period for each winter term:  January 15 until March15 (documents not later than March 31)
How to apply?


  • The program aims to bring together students, teachers and researchers from different disciplines in natural sciences and engineering science.
  • It introduces students to scientific principles of energy conversion and storage and their technological transfer to machines, power plants, batteries and fuel cells.
  • Solid background in either chemistry, materials science or electrical engineering is required, fundamental knowledge in the other disciplines is helpful.
  • Introductory courses in general chemistry or electrical engineering are offered for students with little background.
  • Advanced training in electrical engineering, materials science, physical and materials chemistry, electrochemistry and energy science and technology follows.
  • Special emphasis is on practical training in lab courses. The program comprises a chemistry lab and two labs dealing with energy science and technology.
  • During the second year the program focusses on fuel cells and batteries.


“Energy Science and Technology” is an interdisciplinary program. Instructors from Ulm University institutes, research institutions and companies are contributing to it, including:

  • Faculty of Natural Sciences, Chemistry Department, Ulm University:
    Institute of Surface Chemistry and Catalysis
    Institute of Inorganic Chemistry II
    Institute of Organic Chemistry II and Advanced Materials
    Institute of Organic Chemistry III, Polymers and Biopolymers
  • Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science, Ulm University:
    Institute of Energy Conversion and Storage
    Institute of Micro- and Nanomaterials
    Institute of Optoelectronics
  • ZSW: Centre for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-Württemberg
  • HIU: Helmholtz Institute Ulm – Electrochemical Energy Storage
  • A variety of companies including Daimler AG and EnBW AG

Entry Requirements

  • Bachelor of Science (Chemistry, Physics or related program) or Bachelor of Engineering (chemical engineering, electrical engineering or related program), duration of the Bachelor program at least 3 years.
  • Bachelor courses: at least 2 mathematics and 2 physics courses, each 3 hours per week and semester.
  • Good command of English proven by either IELTS-test (minimum score 6.5) or TOEFL test (minimum score 88).
  • Evaluation of applications draws upon the applicant´s bachelor program and bachelor courses, his/her bachelor grade and grades in relevant courses, his/her motivation to participate in the program and two reference letters by university teachers.

Financial Issues

  • There is no tuition fee at Ulm University
  • Students pay a fee of 156 € per semester:
        Administration fee 60,00 €
Student Union fee

 77,00 €

Fee for constituted student body 19,00 €
Total amount


  • Domitory rooms are provided for international students by the Student Union (Studentenwerk Ulm) as far as possible. Rent (average): 300 € per month
  • Living expenses in Ulm per month: approx. 750 € minimum
  • Ulm University does not offer any scholarships for incoming students.

Professional Perspectives

Job opportunities include energy related research and development in research institutions and in industry, in particular in areas related to electrochemical engergy technology (fuel cells and batteries), as well as professional careers in a broad spectrum of industrial applications, ranging from car industry, chemical or electronic industry to numerous specialized applications.


  • Do I need to prove German language skills to apply for and participate in this program?
    No. The program is taught entirely in English. No German language skills are required. But: Compulsory German courses are part of the curriculum. Courses for students with no, intermediate or advanced language competency are offered.
  • Do I have to take an English proficiency test (TOEFL or IELTS) if English was language of instruction at my bachelor university?
    Yes, you have to take the test. Only native speakers are exempted.
  • I want to apply for the program but haven´t yet passed the English test yet. What can I do?
    You can apply now and send the test result as soon as you have received it. You have to be aware: In case you get admitted you will not be able to enroll without a test result meeting the requirements (TOEFL minimum 88, IELTS minimum 6,5).
  • I want to apply for the program but haven´t finished my Bachelor program yet or haven´t received my bachelor certificate yet. What can I do?
    You can apply now and send the certificate as soon as you have received it. Again: No enrollment without the certificate
  • Can I get an evaluation of my chances for admission before I actually apply/send my application documents?
    No. Since the evaluation draws on your bachelor grade, course grades, the content of your bachelor program and courses, your motivation and the personal review of your performance in the bachelor program by two teachers (letter of reference) no assessment in advanced is possible.
  • I have earned a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering. Am I eligible for this program?
    In principle yes, but you have to be aware that this program is designed for students with a solid background in chemistry and/or electrical engineering. As a mechanical engineering you should put special care on explaining your motivation to participate in this program.

Study Progress

  • Students have to prove study progress. The following criteria have to be met:

    Students who did their bachelor program in engineering take the examination in “Intro-ductory Chemistry”, those who did their bachelor program in natural sciences or chemical engineering, take the examination in “Introductory Electrical Engineering”

    120 credit points (master program completed) earned at the end of the fourth semester.

  • Students have to obtain a minimum of 75 credit points to apply for (register for) the module "Master´s Thesis"

Working as a Student

  • We recommend that students do not work during 1st semester.
  • There is a limited number of student assistant positions (HiWi) available at the institutes participating in the MSc program “Energy Science and Technology"
  • There is no financial compensation for master´s thesis work done at Ulm University.
  • Info Work Regulations for Students (International Office, Ulm University)

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