Ana Predojević

My research focuses on quantum optics and information using semicoductor quantum dots.


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Recent publications

Coherence and degree of time-bin entanglement from quantum dots.
T. Huber, L. Ostermann, M. Prilmüller, G. S. Solomon, H. Ritsch, G. Weihs, and A. Predojević (Phys. Rev. B 93, 201301(R) 2016) - arXiv

Optimal excitation conditions for indistinguishable photons from quantum dots.
T. Huber, A. Predojević, D. Föger, G. S. Solomon, G. Weihs. (New Journal of Physics 17, 123025 2015) - arXiv

Engineering the atom-photon interaction
A. Predojević and M. W. Mitchell (Eds.) Springer (2015)

Quantum non-Gaussian depth of single-photon states
I. Straka, A. Predojević, T. Huber, L. Lachman, L. Butschek, M. Miková, M. Mičuda, G. S. Solomon, G. Weihs M. Ježek and R. Filip (Phys. Rev. Lett. 113, 223603, 2014) - arXiv

Polarization entangled photons from quantum dots embedded in nanowires
T. Huber, A. Predojević, M. Khoshnegar, D. Delacu, P. J. Poole, H. Majedi and G. Weihs (Nano Letters 14, 7107–7114, 2014) - arXiv

Time-bin entangled photons from a quantum dot
H. Jayakumar, A. Predojević, T. Kauten, T. Huber, G. S. Solomon, and G.Weihs, (Nature Communications 5, 4251, 2014) - arXiv

Efficiency vs. multi-photon contribution test for quantum dots
A. Predojević, M. Jezek, T. Huber, H. Jayakumar, T. Kauten, G. S. Solomon, R. Filip, and G. Weihs (Optics Express 22, 4789, 2014) - arXiv

Deterministic photon pairs and coherent optical control of a single quantum dot
H. Jayakumar, A. Predojević, T. Huber, T. Kauten, G. S. Solomon, and G. Weihs (Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 135505, 2013) - arXiv

Measurement and modification of biexciton-exciton time correlations
T. Huber, A. Predojević, Hashem Zoubi, H. Jayakumar, G. S. Solomon, and G. Weihs (Optics Express 21, 9890-9898, 2013)

Pulsed Sagnac source of polarization entangled photon pairs
A. Predojević, S. Grabher and G. Weihs (Optics Express 20, 25022-25029, 2012)



Effects of photo-neutralization on the emission properties of quantum dots
T. Huber, A. Predojević, G. S. Solomon, and G. Weihs

Bright solid state source of photon triplets
M. Khoshnegar, T. Huber, A. Predojević, D. Dalacu, M. Prilmüller, J. Lapointe, X. Wu, P. Tamarat, B. Lounis, P. Poole, G. Weihs, and H. Majedi



Joint Quantum Institute, Maryland, US

University of Wuerzburg, Germany

Department of Optics, Olomouc, Czech Republic

Semiconductor Physics Team, Linz, Austria

Institute for Theoretical Physics, Innsbruck, Austria