Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter

Karl Vogel

Fractional Josephson Vortices

+49 (731) 50-23082O25/502karl.vogel(at)uni-ulm.de
Ferdinand GleisbergFoundations of Quantum Mechanics --ferdinand.gleisberg(at)uni-ulm.de
Kedar Ranade

Quantum Technology


+49 (731) 50-22783O25/567


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Albert Roura

BEC in Microgravity, Matter-Wave Interferometry, Classical and Quantum Gravity

+49 (731) 50-22781O25/504albert.roura(at)uni-ulm.de
Vincenzo Tamma

Matter-wave and Multi-photon Interferometry, Quantum Information and BEC in Microgravity

+49 (731) 50-22781O25/504vincenzo.tamma(at)uni-ulm.de
Maxim EfremovEfimov States+49 (731) 50-23084O25/503Opens window for sending emailmax.efremov(at)gmail.com
Opens external link in new windowRamil NigmatullinIon Coulomb crystals, Phase transitions and nucleation of topological defects and Discrete solitons in ion crystals+49 (731) 50-23084O25/503Opens window for sending emailramil.nigmatullin(at)uni-ulm.de
Cornelia FeilerRiemann Zeta Function+49 (731) 50-22780O25/510cornelia.feiler(at)uni-ulm.de

Diplomanden / Masteranden

Christian UfrechtBEC in Microgravity
+49 (731) 50-23088

Opens window for sending emailchristian.ufrecht(at)uni-ulm.de
Alexander FriedrichMatter Wave Interferometry+49 (731) 50-22783O25/567Opens window for sending emailalexander.friedrich(at)uni-ulm.de
Alexander MüllerFoundations of Quantum Mechanics +49 (731) 50-23088O25/508Opens window for sending emailalexander-1.mueller(at)uni-ulm.de
Lucas HappGeneral Theory+49 (731) 50-23087O25/511Opens window for sending emaillucas.happ(at)uni-ulm.de
Vera Hellinghausen+49 (731) 50-22780O25/510Opens window for sending emailvera.hellinghausen(at)uni-ulm.de