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Improve your Textbook Knowledge - Lecture Prof. Cornelis Calkhoven

Veranstaltungsbeginn: 09.12.15 17:00
In the frame of the lecture series "Improve your textbook knowledge", Prof. Cornelis Calkhoven from the ERIBA Groningen, will give a le

Talk Prof. Cornelis Calkhoven, ERIBA Groningen

Veranstaltungsbeginn: 10.12.15 11:00
On December 10th, 2015 Prof. Cornelis Calkhoven from the ERIBA Groningen, will give a talk in the Multimedia Room, N27/ 2059 at 11:00 a.m. Talk title:


The Institute of Comparative Molecular Endocrinology is devoted to basic research unravelling mechanisms of the hormonal control of stress-, ageing and life style related disorders. In our ageing society immune-metabolic disorders, and muskulo-skeletal impairments evolve to a general health problem. The action of hormones of the stress axis, and regulators of mineral homeostasis modulate the underlying multiple organ cross-talk in this body homeostasis. A precise understanding of hormonal control in animal and human physiology provides insight into fundamental biological processes, but also gives rationales for novel treatment options for general immune-metabolic and skeletal diseases.

In the institute four Research Labs address the following topics::

Opens internal link in new windowRöszer Lab: Hormonal regulators in adipose tissue macrophages causing insulin resistance.

Opens internal link in new windowTuckermann LabStress associated glucocorticoid hormones in immune system and bone integrity.

Opens internal link in new windowVujić Spasić Lab: Hormonal regulation of iron homeostasis.

In May 2016 a new Research Lab will be established in our Institute:

Opens internal link in new windowCirstea Lab: Aging-related changes in the expression and activation of RAS GTPases and their downstream signaling pathways.

News from our Institute

Our deep sympathy to the French Nation

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PRCI ANR–DFG 2015 (Project GR-AMPK)

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DFG Grant awarded to Dr. Tamás Röszer

Tamás Röszer was awarded with the grant of the German Research Fund (DFG), allowing his research group to conduct a study on the development and funct [more]



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