M.Sc. Michael Schelling


Current Research

Rank-Metric in Coding Theory and Machine Learning

Journal Publications


  • Michael Schelling, Martin Bossert
    Code Constructions based on Reed-Solomon Codes (arXiv)
    Submitted to: 8th International Workshop on optimal Codes and Related Topics (OCRT2017), Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Anna Dall'Acqua, Delio Mugnolo, Michael Schelling
    A new proof of Gershgorin's theorem
    25th International Workshop on Operator Theory and its Applications (IWOTA2014), Amsterdam, Netherlands




  • New estimates for the eigenvalues of matrices
    Master's Thesis, Ulm - Institute of Analysis, 2015
  • Sign-preserving properties for some fourth-order one-dimensional differential equations
    Bachelor's Thesis, Ulm - Institute of Analysis, 2013


Teaching Assistant

Applied Information Theory (SS 2017)

Einführung in die Nachrichtentechnik (WS 2016/17)

Theory of Digital Networks (SS 2016)



MSc/BSc Topics

Open Topics

For open topics for Diploma, Master or Bachelor Theses and Studienarbeiten, please come and see me in my office or write an e-mail.

In Progress


Alexander Tsaregorodtsev, Designing Concatenated BCH Codes for Application in Physical Unclonable Functions (Bachelor's Thesis, Co-supervised with Sven Müelich)

Sven Kahle, Multi-Block Interleaved Codes for Data Storage Applications (Bachelor's Thesis, Co-supervised with Sven Puchinger)



Research Assistant