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Psychiatric Summer School:

5. - 14. September 2011
Location: Science centre Ulm University at the Castle in Reisensburg (information only in German available) Externer Link

Mental health care in Europe – innovation and evaluation

Change in mental health care is occurring across Europe, and there is substantial interest both in innovative models of care and in the evaluation of effectiveness and quality of care. Comparing the set-up of mental health care between countries can contribute to the understanding of underlying trends of mental health care reform and to improving the evaluation of care. Cross-country comparisons can also stimulate care providers in their attempts at improving psychiatric services.
This Psychiatric Summer School aims to provide a forum for sharing experiences in the development of mental health care in Poland, Ukraine and Germany. Primary goal is to contribute to increasing the knowledge about state-of-the art methods of evaluation in mental health care. Specific aims are:

  • Teaching young mental health researchers the necessary knowledge to become active parts of the scientific community (writing research papers; preparing congress contributions; participating in, initiating and coordinating studies in the field).
  • Generating ideas for collaborative projects both in service development and research.
  • Stimulating bilateral site visits in the context of collaboration.
  • Contributing to the wider context of practical and scientific exchange in mental health care and service evaluation between Ukraine, Poland and Germany
  • Enhancing the understanding of mental health care practice in the three countries.

The expertise will be provided by researchers and professionals in the fields of social psychiatry, public mental health, service evaluation, psychotherapy, and health economics.
The Psychiatric Summer School will be co-hosted by the German Federal Ministry of Health External Link (host) and Ulm University’s Department of Psychiatry II External Link (local host). The clinic provides psychiatric care to a rural catchment area of 650,000 population, and its Mental Health Services Research Unit (head Dr Reinhold Kilian) is active in the field of mental health services evaluation. Additional know-how will be provided by other experts in the fields of service innovation and health services research as needed.

Date and Location
The first part of this tripartite Summer school will be held from 5th  to 14th September at Ulm University’s Research Centre located at Reisensburg Castle External Link not far from the Günzburg hospital campus. The centre provides conference facilities and accommodation to all participants.

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