ULME: Law, humans and technology. Can mediation be digital?

Location : Universität Ulm, Helmholtzstraße 18, Raum 1.20

Das Institut für Wirtschaftswissenschaften lädt herzlich zum nächsten Vortrag in diesem Wintersemester innerhalb des Forschungsseminars ULME ein. 

Der Vortrag findet am Donnerstag, 24. Oktober,  16:15 - 17:15 Uhr (Raum  120, Helmholtzstrasse 18) statt. Den Vortrag mit dem Titel „Law, humans and technology. Can mediation be digital?“ hält Petra Hietanen-Kunwald. Sie ist Post-doctoral researcher an der juristischen Fakultät (Conflict Management Institute) der Universität Helsinki.


Das weitere ULME Programm für dieses Semester finden Sie wie gewohnt hier: http://www.uni-ulm.de/mawi/mawi-wiwi/forschung-und-lehre/forschungsseminar-ulme/



The use of technology in dispute resolution makes sense. It improves the effectiveness of the decision-making process, reduces costs and provides information that may be crucial in the decision-making process. Practice shows that an increasing number of disputes are settled by means or with the assistance of artificial intelligence. Digitalization is often seen as solution to the structural problems of civil justice systems and a means to improve access to justice. Petra Hietanen-Kunwald approaches the developments from the point of view of ADR law. Focusing on mediation in civil and commercial matters she takes a closer look at mediation and technology. She discusses, whether mediation - that is in its essence a psychological process - can take place by means of artificial intelligence. In her presentation, she analyses the legal dimension and the psychological dimension of mediation and their relationship to technology. She seeks to sketch the advantages as well as the pitfalls of the digitalization of human decision-making and pleads for multisdisciplinary research and a human centered approach to digitalization in mediation.