Current status (as at 2018-06-13)

Good news: Issue 20 (2016/2017) of Ulmer Seminare has been completed and the printed copies have been mailed out. Below you can see the final table of contents.

The printed copies were ready in mid April for the celebration of Wolfgang's senior professorship. We have sent out all the printed copies by mail on 12 June and expect that most recipients will receive their copy very shortly. Please contact us in case you have not received your copy in mid July 2018.

We apologize for the repeated delays and for any inconvenience caused by these delays. We are very grateful to the authors for all the wonderful and most valuable contributions. Thanks to your help the final issue is a particularly nice one!

Contents of Ulmer Seminare Volume 20, 2016/2017

There is also a .pdf document available with the table of contents of Ulmer Seminare, issue 20.

A. Three-line proofs

  • Wolfgang Arendt:
    Liouville’s theorem, pp. 3–5
  • Wolfgang Arendt and Ralph Chill:
    Pettis’ theorem and very weakly measurable functions, pp. 5–7
  • Benjamin Célariès and Isabelle Chalendar:
    Three-lines proofs on semigroups of composition operators, pp. 9–14
  • Ralph Chill:
    Short proof of the Ingham–Karamata theorem, pp. 15–17
  • A.F.M. ter Elst and Sylvie Monniaux:
    Convergence of eigenvalues, pp. 17–18
  • Stephan Fackler, Jochen Glück, and Manfred Sauter:
    On continuously embedded Banach spaces, pp. 19–20
  • Jochen Glück:
    On dense subspaces of the intersection of two Banach spaces, pp. 21–23
  • Gisele Ruiz Goldstein, Jerome A. Goldstein, Rosa Maria Mininni, and Silvia Romanelli:
    A generalized Trotter product formula, pp. 25–28
  • Markus Haase:
    A short and elementary proof of “spectral radius equals norm” for selfadjoint operators, pp. 29–31
  • Markus Haase:
    Goldstine’s theorem without topology, pp. 31–32
  • Markus Haase, Peer Christian Kunstmann, and Hendrik Vogt:
    On the numerical range of generators of symmetric L-contractive semigroups, pp. 33–39
  • Moochan Barnabas Kim, John W. Neuberger, and Wolfgang P. Schleich:
    A perfect memory makes the continuous Newton method look ahead, pp. 41–44
  • Jan Prüss:
    A three-lines proof of the vector-valued Jensen inequality, pp. 45–47
  • Wolfgang M. Ruess:
    Fréchet spaces with the Schur property, pp. 47–49
  • Jürgen Voigt:
    On Green’s function, pp. 51–55

B. Open problems

  • Wolfgang Arendt, Dominik Dier, and Stephan Fackler:
    J. L. Lions’ problem on maximal regularity, pp. 57–72
  • Wolfgang Arendt, A.F.M. ter Elst, and James B. Kennedy:
    Can one hear the shape of a drum? – 50 years later, pp. 73–76
  • Guy Cohen and Michael Lin:
    The numerical range of Ritt contractions, pp. 77–80
  • Guillermo P. Curbera and Werner J. Ricker:
    Multipliers for spaces of unconditional series in the Hardy spaces Hp(D), pp. 81–84
  • Stephan Fackler:
    Regularity and maximal regularity, pp. 85–87
  • Stephan Fackler:
    The angle problem for the H-calculus, pp. 87–88
  • Jochen Glück:
    Is the peripheral spectrum of positive operators cyclic?, pp. 89–95
  • Batu Güneysu:
    The BMS conjecture, pp. 97–101
  • Antoine Henrot:
    Two open problems in spectral theory, pp. 101–105
  • Bernd Kawohl:
    Two dimensions are easier, pp. 107–112
  • Pedro J. Miana:
    Fractional convolution product associated to Mittag-Leffler functions, an open problem, pp. 113–118
  • Mustapha Mokhtar-Kharroubi:
    Some questions on absorption semigroups on L1(μ) spaces, pp. 119–124
  • Delio Mugnolo:
    Is essential self-adjointness of TT equivalent to essential self-adjointness of TT?, pp. 125–127
  • Delio Mugnolo:
    How to project onto convex functions?, pp. 125–127
  • Rainer Nagel:
    9 (AGFA-)Probleme: Version 2016, pp. 127–128
  • Werner J. Ricker:
    Commutativity of selfadjoint matrices, pp. 129–131
  • Manfred Sauter:
    How twisted can a Jordan curve be?, pp. 133–140
  • Vincenzo Vespri:
    Quasilinear evolution problems: Sharp estimates on the kernel estimates and Harnack estimates, pp. 141–148

C. Research articles

  • Wolfgang Arendt and Marcel Kreuter:
    Mapping theorems for Sobolev spaces of vector-valued functions, pp. 151–170
  • Wolfgang Arendt, Stefan Kunkel, and Markus Kunze:
    Diffusion with nonlocal Robin boundary conditions, pp. 171–195
  • Anna Dall’Acqua and Klaus Deckelnick:
    An obstacle problem for elastic graphs, pp. 195–210
  • Dominik Dier:
    Non-autonomous forms and invariance, pp. 211–223
  • Stephan Fackler:
    Non-autonomous maximal Lp-regularity under fractional Sobolev regularity in time, pp. 225–245
  • El-Mennaoui Omar and Laasri Hafida:
    On evolution equations governed by non-autonomous forms, pp. 245–254
  • Paweł Keller and Iwona Wróbel:
    A very fast, numerically stable, and accurate algorithm for inverting general tridiagonal matrices, pp. 255–261
  • Hynek Kovařík and Delio Mugnolo:
    Schrödinger operators on exterior domains with Robin boundary conditions: heat kernel estimates, pp. 263–281
  • Vincent Laurent:
    An alternative proof of the Faber–Krahn inequality, pp. 281–287
  • Alexander Nerlich:
    Asymptotic results for solutions of a weighted p-Laplacian evolution equation with Neumann boundary conditions, pp. 289–306
  • Manfred Sauter:
    Uniqueness of the approximative trace, pp. 307–331
  • Frank Steiner:
    Do black holes exist in a finite universe having the topology of a flat 3-torus?, pp. 331–351
  • Vicente Vergara and Rico Zacher:
    Stability, instability, and blowup for time fractional and other non-local in time semilinear subdiffusion equations, pp. 353–372