Theory and Reality: Philosophical Discussions of Scientific Problems

Lecture Series, Humboldt Zentrum, Summer Semester 2023
Ringvorlesung des Humboldt-Zentrums (HZ) im Sommersemester 2023

Dienstag, 16-18 Uhr, H 11

This lecture series presents a wide array of philosophical debates that arise as the result of recent scientific research. To this end, we will be inviting experts from different domains within Ethics and the Philosophy of Science, who will raise questions such as: “What is an organism?”, “What is a psychological disorder?”, and “Can machines think?”. Our discussants shall proffer possible philosophical responses to these questions.

09. Mai 2023

Prof. Dr. Rebekka Hufendiek: Introduction

06. Juni 2023

Dr. Christine Sievers: Do Animals Communicate Intentionally? - An Ongoing Cross-disciplinary Debate

13. Juni 2023

Prof. Dr. Jan Baedke: Does the organism concept return in 21st century biology? Historical and Philosophical Perspectives

20. Juni 2023

Prof. Dr. Anne Meylan: Refusing the COVID-19 vaccine: what's wrong with that?

04. Juli 2023

Prof. Dr. Lena Kästner: Explaining AI through the scientific perspective

11. Juli 2023

Prof. Dr. Claus Beisbart: The Authority of Science

18. Juli 2023

Rebekka Hufendiek: final discussion